April 22, 2022

IMF Shows Support

We also are pressing for some legal changes that need to happen in New York, in London, to close loopholes for vulture funds and others to prevent debt resolution.

Kristalina Georgieva

IMF, Managing Director

The ‘Not A Game’ coalition received a major boost when Kristalina Georgieva, the head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) publicly urged legislative action in New York and in London that would make the debt restructuring process’ easier and would close loopholes that benefit vulture funds. The action was seen as a public nod in support of the legislative efforts put forth by the Not A Game coalition, which happened with a growing list of partners.


Vulture Fund Playbook

Vulture hedge funds like Elliott Management and GoldenTree Asset Management have used what we call: the vulture fund playbook, to fill their pockets at the expense of struggling nations. While many of us were initially more familiar with the devastating impact of a debt crisis in PR; especially after hurricane maria, we quickly learned that…

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The Gamification of Puerto Rico

What do GameStop and Puerto Rico have in common? Vulture Hedge Funds  In the last few weeks, we witnessed how with the ease of a post, thousands of Reddit users were able to beat hedge funds at their own game. It was a surprise attack from small-dollar investors, who bought more and more of GameStop’s…

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